5 Effective Ways to Find a Lost Laptop

Even the thought of losing or misplacing a laptop can be scary. On losing a laptop, it might be possible to get a new one immediately. However, you cannot deny that your digital information might be at risk as well. If an unauthorized person gets access to all your digital data, for example – bank details, personal information, other financial information, it can turn out to be bad. There are chances of your accounts getting hacked and money being stolen.

If you want to know the process of how to find a lost laptop, you should keep reading to know more about the various ways.

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However, you don’t need to worry. Certain steps can help you reduce the risks and can help you get back your stolen device.

5 Effective Ways to Find a Lost Laptop

#1. Use Find My Device Feature in Windows

The “Find My Device” feature in Windows was added in 2015. It is a great way to track the exact location of the laptop. By default, it is kept turned off. But one should always keep it enabled. If you don’t keep it turned on, you will not be able to locate it again once it is lost. In case you want to find out how to track a stolen laptop with a serial number, you can use the “Find My device” option.

To track your laptop, you need to go to Microsoft’s official website and log into the account. You will get to see a list of devices so you can locate one of them and then click on the “Find My Device” option under the name.

Microsoft will then search for the laptop and inform you the approximate details of its location as long as it is online. You also get the option of securing the laptop securely in a remote manner by clicking the “Lock” button.

#2. Use “Find My Mac” Option

People who use Macbook Air or Pro get to access a feature known as “Find My Device.” Once again, you need to enable this option beforehand to track down your laptop. Only then will you be able to track down the laptop or lock it up so that no third party can access your device, steal any sort of information, or cause any other kind of harm. It is also possible to contact a miscreant in certain cases.

#3. Use Your Laptops GPS Tracking

GPS tracking helps to find missing laptops. It is possible to track the computer’s location as long as the computer is online. It is easy to track the computer’s location, which is stolen with the help of the built-in tracking device. The process is very similar to tracking a mobile device. If your laptop does not have an in-built tracker, you can use third-party tracking software or even use anti-virus to track the device. If you are still wondering if you can track a stolen laptop, you can use the GPS feature.

The “Find my device” feature in Mac is extremely helpful. You get a few options if you use this GPS tracking process:

  1. You can activate the sound.
  2. You can lock up the device.
  3. You can erase all the data present in your stolen device.

You can do this remotely. The same feature is present in Windows, known as “Find my device.”

If it looks like a case of theft, you must contact the police and get official help rather than chase the culprit yourself. However, if you think you have misplaced or left it behind, you can surely go and get your laptop back safely.

#4. Use Dropbox or Gmail to track IP Addresses

If the above features were not enabled, you still have some hope. It is still possible to track down the IP address of your device if someone else is using it. However, be sure that you will not get the exact location. You might be able to get an approx location, for example, the city, town or road.

You can start with your Gmail account. Log into your account first using the web browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the emails, and you will find a small section “Details” on the right lower corner.

As soon as you click the option, a new window will appear with all devices that have accessed the Gmail account. You can click the “Show details” option under the one you suspect to track down your missing laptop. You can then make a note of the IP address so that you can hand it over to the police.

It is also possible to find the same information on the web version of dropbox simply by selecting the account icon present on the right corner at the top. You can then select the Settings and Security option.

Now, you can scroll down to the web browser section and move your cursor over the information icon that shows the “Most Recent Activity” column. It is very unfortunate if none of these routes help reunite the laptop.

#5. Track Using Software

There are several software that can help track your lost device. If you are unable to track the location of your device using any of the above features, then what you can do is simply download software that can help you track the device easily. Usually, this tracking software helps you get the approx location. You might not be able to track the exact location of your laptop. There is a lot of software to get information about stolen laptop databases.

Final Words – Effective Ways to Find a Lost Laptop

It is not possible to prevent theft of a laptop, but you can make sure that the person who has stolen your laptop doesn’t get access to any sort of information or cause any harm. If you take proper precautions, you can protect the data and minimize all sorts of losses. It is also possible to find a lost laptop using the above procedures.


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