Best White Laptops of 2022

White laptops are the perfect options for office-goers and people who generally just prefer a classic look. In a work environment, you should always opt for a more professional look which is easily offered by white laptops. They don’t just help you look professional; they also help give you a more elevated, classy overall appearance that demands appreciation.

Of course, white laptops are also preferred by Type-A personalities and people who generally like being minimalistic and always want things neat and clean. If you’re one of these people then white laptops are definitely a great option for you.

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Now, there are a great many options for white laptops available online on the market. Some are better than others, offering you great features along with a very classy color. And some just give you a white-colored laptop with some basic operations.

To help save you from spending money on the wrong laptop, we’ve searched for some of the best-reviewed white laptops for you. We’ve also listed them down along with their features so you can pick-out which white laptop is the best choice for you.

Top 10 Best White Laptops:

Here the top 10 best white laptops, hand-picked for their features and quality.

10. HP Stream Laptop

71WcU4dF90L. AC SL1500 10

The HP stream laptop is a perfect option for office workers and college students alike. This is not only an affordable option, but it also offers you great features in the form of a really classy solid white color. This hp white laptop acts and looks the part of someone who belongs in a professional environment, as it oozes class. It not only gives you a stylish appearance, it also offers you some amazing features that are sure to appeal to you. Like, its a processor that gets the job done, or it’s RAM that allows you to run multiple applications sometimes at once. Read ahead to find out more about it.


  • This laptop offers you an 11 inch, crystal clear display that lets you appreciate whatever is on the screen.
  • It has an Intel Celeron N4000 core processor which maximizes your experience to the fullest extent.
  • It has a 4GB RAM and 32GB Emmc.
  • Uses Windows 10 Home as its operator, giving you an optimum experience.
  • It has great construction as it is made out durable material.
  • It had a small compact size of about eleven inches which is great if you’re someone who is constantly on-the-go. Or if you have to take it to the office or school with you and back and forth.
  • Its battery life lasts you a considerable amount of time.
  • It is compatible with most USB ports, like type c or HDMI ports, so you won’t have to worry about an external adapter.


9. ASUS Imaginbook Laptop

51C3XaNrDDL. AC SL1000

The ASUS Imaginebook is a laptop that offers you almost everything in terms of stylish appearance and amazing features. This laptop has a great outward appearance that definitely elevates the overall look. It comes in white color with some slight accents of grey and has a shiny smooth surface. Apart from is outside-look it also has great features that help with its performance. Like its top of the notch processor and operating system, which leave you with almost nothing more to desire.


  • This laptop has an Intel Core m3-8100Y processor that is one of the most commonly used processors in the market.
  • Operated by a Windows 10 operating system which leaves no room for errors.
  • It has a very reasonably-sized fourteen-inch FHD display that is one of the best when it comes to screens.
  • On top of that, the screen is also anti-glare and uses integrated Intel UHD graphics.
  • It has a 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB solid-state drive, this offers a decent amount of storage space and lets you do multitasking.
  • This laptop offers you built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This lets not only transfer multimedia files easily, it also lets you browse the internet and connect to various other external devices.
  • It has an audio jack for headphones, a type-c port, a USB 3.0 port, and a Gen1/Gen 2 USB 3.1 ports. Also, it supports USB 2.0 and has an HDMI port along with a micro SD card slot.
  • It also gives a decent battery life.


8. HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

81TwTFAZLtL. AC SL1500

This is another HP stream laptop on this that also offers amazing features and also comes with a really appealing and nice color. The external surface of this laptop is smooth and glossy to the touch and looks shiny which gives it an overall new-looking appearance. It comes in the color diamond white which is an appropriate name as it shines like one. And although the color itself is simple, it lends a very classic appearance to the laptop. Along with a very nice look, it also offers you some other great qualities that will help you when you’re working on it.


  • This laptop has an Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor which is one of the most reliable processors on the market.
  • It also has a base frequency of 1.1 GHz.
  • It is operated by a Windows 10 Home operating system that allows smooth operation and ease of use.
  • A 4GB DDR4-2400 RAM and 132GB SSD, this laptop offers you a decent amount of both memory and storage space. This will also allow you to do a lot of multi-tasking.
  • One of the best features is that it offers you ‘Office 365 Personal’ for about one year. This will allow you the use of applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • It also gives you 1TB of one-drive storage for one year.
  • This laptop has an audio jack, a space for USB 2.0, USB 3.1 GEN1, and HDMI 1.4 port. These allow you to connect to other external devices.
  • This laptop also gives you wireless communication in the form of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These are for using the internet, connecting to other devices, and transferring multimedia files.

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7. HP Chromebook Laptop

91saq89jFyL. AC SL1500

If you’re looking for a laptop that offers you both a classy looking appearance and incredible features then the HP Chromebook is perfect for you. This laptop comes in one of the classiest shades of white that offers your laptop a very simple yet dignified finish.  This white laptop delivers not only on the physical appearance but also on the inner workings. As it gives you numerous features that are sure to help you in the long run. All of its components are of the finest quality including its processor, operator, RAM, SSD, and even its screen.


  • Powered by a dual-core A-9120 processor that gives you fast operations and ease of use.
  • Operated by a Chrome operating system for a better performing experience on a Chrome device.
  • It has a frequency of about 2.2 GHz but it can go further up to 2.3 GHz.
  • Has a decent amount of battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging it every three hours. It can last up to eight hours.
  • It has a memory of 4GB DDR4 and a storage capacity of 32GB Emmc, this offers you a good amount of memory or storage.
  • This laptop comes equipped with a type-c port, a USB 2.0 port, and a USB 3.1 GEN 1 port, an audio jack for headphones, an HDMI cable port, and an SD card slot.
  • It has a fourteen inch, full, diagonal, anti-glare, an IPS display screen that provides you with bright colors and a clear image.
  • It also has an inbuilt webcam, along with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


6. MSI Prestige Laptop

white laptop

The MSI Prestige is one of the classiest looking laptops you’ll come across on this list. With its pure white color and sleek design, it’s sure to stand out among any other laptop out there. It not only gives you a very chic appearance but also offers you great performance. As it has many great features that have all the making of the perfect laptop. This laptop might seem light but it packs a punch. Its weight makes it very convenient to carry it around wherever you go. Along with its elegant design, it also has a high-performance processor so let’s see what other features it has.


  • This laptop has one of the best quality laptops screens. It is a fourteen-inch UHD 4K ultra-thin and lightweight laptop.
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for taking it from the office and back or from home to school.
  • Powered by an Intel Core i5-10710U processor that offers you a great experience.
  • Operated by Windows 10 pro for optimum performance.
  • It has a memory of 16GB GDDR4 and a storage space of about 512GB solid-state drive.
  • Comes in a very classy shade of white.
  • This laptop offers you a good deal of battery life that lasts you for a long while.
  • This laptop offers you a webcam, an inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, all of which you can use for wireless communication or transferring multimedia files and documents.
  • It also gives you a display resolution of maximum form 3840 x 2160 pixels.


5. ASUS Vivobook Laptop

711tecaYYL. AC SL1500

ASUS brings you a laptop that looks and acts the part of a laptop of someone that belongs in a work-type environment. This laptop comes in a very classy shade of pure white called Dreamy White. This color gives the laptop an overall stylish look. It is also the perfect present for someone who prefers simple yet elegant things. This white laptop can work brilliantly and that’s because it has many amazing features that aid its performance. Like its top of the line processor or operating system, or its display screen, all are of some of the best quality on the market.


  • This 15.6-inch laptop is thought, lightweight, and compact. Therefore you can take it with you wherever you want whether it’s your office or to school.
  • It has an FHD screen for brighter color and more clarity. FHD screens also help you conserve more battery life, so you can do things, all in one charge.
  • Powered by an Intel Core i5-10210U processor which offers you greater, faster performance.
  • Operated by windows 10 home which is very easy to navigate.
  • It has a memory of 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD, which allows you a lot of storage space.
  • It has a type C and HDMI port, and space for USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 GEN 1/GEN 2.
  • Also, it has an in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can transfer any multimedia file easily and quickly.
  • It also offers you great audio/visuals.


4. Lenovo Chromebook Laptop


The Lenovo chrome book C330 two-in-one convertible laptop is another great laptop that gives you top-notch performance and amazing features that are sure to help perform better. One of the things that stands out about this laptop is its simple, pure white color. So white that you can call it the color of snow. That’s why its shade is famous blizzard white and this color gives the laptop a classy, elegant look. This white laptop also happens to be one with a lot of great features so it not only does it look good, but it also delivers on performance.


  • These laptops provide you with an 11.6 inch HD IPS, touch screen display which works like a dream.
  • Its touch screen is an ultra-high-definition and gives you a lot of convenient options like dragging the files or other content wherever you want with the tip of your finger very easily. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • It gives you almost 10 hours of battery time so you can rely on it if you’re someone with an on-the-go lifestyle.
  • You can also charge it easily or transfer multimedia files without difficulty with the help of its type c gen 1, HDMI port, and various other USB 3.0 slots.
  • This laptop also has an in-built Bluetooth for multimedia file transfer, it also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi, a webcam, and also provides you with great audio.
  • It is powered by a MediaTek MT8173 Processor and a Chrome operating system for the best experience,
  • It has a memory of 4GB RAM and a storage capacity of 64GB eMMC, this offers you plenty of storage memory and storage space.

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3. TACOS laptop

61ILhqHhBEL. AC SL1118

The first thing you notice about the TACOSY laptop is its appealing and stylish look that practically oozes elegance. This laptop comes in a pure white color, and the laptop itself is also all white except for the black color keyboard. This color gives the laptop a nice finish. This white laptop is one of the best options for college students or people who are looking for an affordable option but also want the laptop to get the job done. Aside from looking stylish, this laptop also offers you some pretty good qualities. Let’s read ahead to find out what those qualities are.


  • The TACOSY laptop is powered by an Atom x5—z8350 Intel Quad-core processor that doesn’t hold back in performance.
  • It is operated by a Windows 10 system so it’s one of the easiest laptops to use and has 1.92 GHz.
  • It has great memory space of 2GB RAM and a 32GB SSD, you can store a lot of things on it before the storage space runs out.
  • This laptop has a 10.1 inch IPS display of high-resolution.
  • It offers you wireless communication in the form of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can easily transfer multimedia files, like audios and videos very easily, without difficulty.
  • Additionally, it offers you a battery life of about 8 hours, so you can work for a reasonably long time.
  • It also gives you multiple USB ports, HDMI ports, card slots, a headphone slot, and a webcam.
  • It also offers you a considerable amount of battery life.


2. Samsung 370

61kvmmb7c6L. AC SL1024

If you’re looking for a good quality laptop that also meets your color preference then look no further than this Samsung Laptop. This laptop comes in all-white and gives the laptop a very sleek and stylish finish. The laptop is completely white on all sides, including the keyboard. But it doesn’t just look amazing it also performs like a dream as well. It has a great processor and operating system that will help you with the job done quickly and easily. This Samsung laptop has good-quality material so it is also durable and will last you a long time.


  • One of the best features of this laptop is its portability. It has an ultra-slim, lightweight design which makes it very easy to carry around from school to home or office and back and forth.
  • This Samsung laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3 3110M processor for a better and faster experience.
  • Operated by a Windows 8 operating system which gives you great performance.
  • It also has a main frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • It has a 6GB DDR3 memory and a decent amount of storage space of 500 GB HDD.
  • Moreover, has an in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for transferring multimedia files and documents or for browsing the internet.
  • It also provides you with various USB ports for USB 3.0, card slots, HDMI cable port, type-c port, and an audio jack for headphones.
  • It also uses integrated graphics for better colors and clear images.


1. Acer Aspire One Laptop


This laptop offers looks, quality, and performance, all in one. Acer brings you a laptop that not only looks stylish and classy on appearance but also performs really well as well.  This Acer laptop is available in the market in a pure white color that has some accents of grey in it. The Acer Aspire One is a laptop that aims to achieve top-notch performance and delivers on it. It has some really great features that are sure to lend a hand while you’re working on it. Let’s take a look at what makes this Acer laptop such a good option. 


  • Has an Atom N270 processor which maximizes your performance to the fullest extent.
  • This Acer laptop has a memory of 1GB and a hard drive storage of about 160 Gb.
  • Uses Microsoft Windows XP Home 10 as its operator, giving you a faster and optimum experience.
  • It has a frequency of 1.6Ghz.
  • Has a really small and compact size, only 8.9 inches. This is a great size if you’re someone who is constantly on-the-go. Or if you have to take to the office or school with you and back and forth.
  • Powered 6-cell lithium-ion batteries which offers you a sufficient amount of battery life.
  • It is compatible with most USB ports, like type c or HDMI ports, so you won’t have to worry about an external adapter.
  • It has a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600.

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How to choose the best white laptop?

If you’re shopping around for a laptop and are unsure of what exactly you should be keeping an eye out for then keep reading. Because we will tell you all the important things that you should consider before purchasing a laptop.


One of the first things that you should be looking at when you’re considering a laptop is what processor is it powered by. The processor is important because they basically determine how well your laptop is going to perform in the long-run. Some processor takes a very long time in doing the most basic tasks and causes things like lagging. Some are simply not compatible with some of the software you try to download like some games, editing applications, etc. Whereas some processor performs tasks within seconds, allow you to multitask without fear of it lagging and is compatible with a lot of different software.


If you’re someone whose job requires them to be on their laptop for hours and hours. Then we would suggest getting a laptop with a long battery life. By long we mean, a minimum of six to eight hours. Some laptops offer as much as 18 hours of battery life. But that totally depends on how much you’re looking to invest in a laptop. Even if a laptop has about 4 to 5 battery life, that’s still a better deal than those laptops whose battery dies every one hour or thirty minutes. That would be a waste of time and money both.


Another thing, you should keep in mind before purchasing a laptop is your budget. The laptop you’re looking for ideally shouldn’t exceed your budget. There are plenty of great laptops all in different colors and different features. Go through them and compare each one. Then finally choose the one you like the most and is also suitable for you. Both appearance and performance-wise, the laptop should meet your needs and preference foremost. How good your laptop looks and how many features does it have all depends on how much you want to spend on it.

Memory and Storage Space

Memory and storage is a really important thing to consider. This will determine how many applications you can run and how much information you can store on your laptop. The more memory and storage you have, the more applications and other software you’ll be able to get your hands on. This is especially true for gamers, they can enjoy as many games on their laptop as possible if they have a laptop that is compatible with that much a memory and storage. RAM is basically the place your computer goes to for information, like a directory. After accessing the information, it can do its job. This helps you do this like multi-tasking.

Screen type and Quality

First up is the screen type. By screen type we mean, do you prefer a touch screen? Or do you prefer a keyboard? There are all sorts of laptops available, some are touch screen while others operate with the help of a keyboard. The only thing you should be careful of is if the surface of the touch screen is easy to use. Another thing that makes a huge difference in the quality of the screen. And this means everything has to be high. The resolution, pixels, and everything else that helps us get brighter colors and clear images.


These were some of the top 10 best white laptops on the market along with some useful information that you can use while buying a new laptop. Another tip that you should know is that the laptop you buy has to be compatible with you. That means that if you’re buying a laptop just to watch movies and videos then any laptop model will. But if you’re going to use a laptop for work. Then we’d suggest getting a more professional laptop that will be able to run all your applications diligently. We hope this helped you pick out the perfect laptop for yourself.

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