10 Best MacBook Pro Cases 2022

If you have invested a lot of money in buying a MacBook Pro, you will want to keep it safe and secure at all times. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to invest in a case that is able to protect the laptop whilst providing all of the flexibility and storage solutions that you could need.

The perfect protection combination paired with style and practicality is not always easy when there are so many different options available.

Our guide will help to set you off in the right direction and provide some of the best options available on the market today.

Features to Consider

One of the aspects that makes choosing the best MacBook Pro Case so difficult is the fact that there are so many different general types to choose from, all with their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Sleeve. The sleeve is a case that is designed to fit the laptop and nothing else or very few accessories. Sleeves more commonly do not have handles, though this is not always the case. They are designed to fit into other bags like a purse or backpack while keeping the laptop protected. Opting for a sleeve means you can keep your existing bag for everyday use and add the laptop as you wish with all of the cushioning it needs.
  • Snap-On. The snap-on case is a hard cover that attaches directly to the laptop. This lets you change the look of the laptop with different colors, textures and designs but it also protects the outside of the machine from scratches. These cases will also provide more rigid overall support.
  • Carrying Case. This type of case often comes in a messenger-bag style with cushioned pockets for the laptop and additional room for other papers, pens and accessories. This is a case that is designed to be used as its own bag as well. It makes any laptop, even the heavier ones, more portable and therefore easier to use in all kinds of locations.

Top 10 Cases for MacBook Pro Ultimate Chart

PictureNameType of CasePriceRating (1-5)
Type of Case
Rating (1-5)
41z Y3JYGSL.SP500 1. Inateck 13-13.3 Inch MacBook AirSleeve$4.7
61U5qNzuH5L.SP500 2. Plemo Water-resistant PU Leather Laptop SleeveSleeve$$4.7
A1CVJ%2Bc7tSL.SP500 3. Case Logic AUA-314 14.1-Inch LaptopCarrying Case$$4.6
71W09vVn 7L.SP500 4. Qishare 13 13.3 Black TabletCarrying Case$$$4.6
81o7eKrGPtL.SP500 5. Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag / BriefcaseCarrying Case$$$4.6
91JFSkNXOLL.SP500 6. KAYOND Elephant Patterns Canvas FabricSleeve$4.5
71sv RD3czL.SP500 7. Fintie MacBook Pro 13 Retina CaseSnap-On$$$$4.4
51kV5RjzCvL.SP500 8. GMYLE Hard Shell Case CoverSnap-On$$$4.3
9. Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 Retina CaseSnap-On$$4.1
6177k5LQlML.SP500 10. MacBook-Pro-13-Hard-CaseSnap-On$$3.9

Tips for Choosing a MacBook Pro Case

The case itself should be effective in keeping your laptop safe whether it is just being kept in your home or whether it needs to be part of your daily commute.

  • Are You More Concerned About Style or Practicality? While there are cases that have a better balance of both, the one that is more important may help you determine which kind of case is better for your needs.

There are more options in terms of design when it comes to the sleeves and snap-on covers while the carrying cases allow you to use just one bag for all of your necessary laptop items.

  • How Much Protection Does the Case Have? This is something you should be asking whenever you are considering a specific case. Consider the material and whether or not it is waterproof and how long it will last against daily wear and tear. You should also think about how much cushioning and padding you will be comfortable with for protection purposes as well as how it will affect the overall size of the case.

It is a good idea to ask yourself: “What exactly am I most worried about happening to my MacBook Pro?” The answer to this will give you the features of the case that you should be focusing on.

Top 5 Best MacBook Pro Case Reviews

1. Inateck 13-13.3 Inch

41z Y3JYGSL.SP500

Keeping your laptop safe and cushioned in the Inateck 13 Pro Retina Carrying Case is a one of the most stylish and effective ways to do so. The snug fit means that your laptop won’t be sliding around and the high quality of the stitching and zippers also help to keep your machine secure.

This is a seriously stylish case too, so you will never look like you are carrying around your laptop in a bulky, unattractive case. This sleeve and carrying case will fit right into your everyday style.

If you dropped your computer in this case, it would not be damaged afterwards. It is not just cute, it’s practical too. While this case is thin, it also leaves room for a few other items in the pockets of the case.

2. Plemo Water-resistant


If you are looking for style then you can’t go wrong with the Plemo Water-Resistant PU Leather. Your MacBook will fit perfectly into the case without any extra room for the laptop to slip around too much.

The leather has a soft feel that doesn’t compromise how expensive and nice the case looks. The fabric inside is slightly fuzzy so it also leaves your laptop slightly polished at all times. This, along with the overall padding, makes this an extremely protective case.

There are no straps that come with this sleeve. This is why it is the perfect case for those that already have a bag and would like to be able to throw the case in the bag or purse.

3. Case Logic


Case Logic AUA-314 stands up to the quality and the durability that is expected with the Case Logic brand name. You can use this product to keep your MacBook Pro safe and cushioned while also being able to carry it conveniently to and from work or school.

There are enough extra pockets in this case to be able to keep the laptop as well as the charger and a few notebooks or files. The case really will transform the way that you use your laptop and the product together as a work area.

When you need a case that will travel well, this is also a good option as it can easily be secured to a rolling suitcase or to other types of luggage.

4. Qishare 13 13.3

71W09vVn 7L.SP500

Qishare 13 Messenger Case comes in many different colors with the same great style. There is a large pocket for your laptop as well as smaller side pockets for any accessories that you may want to bring with you.

What makes this the best MacBook Pro case is the fact that it is incredibly simple, versatile and protective. The various colors mean that this can be a case to pair with anyone’s style and the straps are adjustable for each user too.

The padding inside and the high quality build of this case mean that it is durable. It is also resistant against water and will keep your laptop safe from bumps and spills too.

5. Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag


The main pocket if the Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag Briefcase for your laptop is lined with a furry material that shines the outside of your laptop every time you put it in. This keeps it clean wherever you decide to use it.

There are pockets on the side for pens and notebooks as well as a long adjustable strap with padding to make the case comfortable on your shoulders. The outer materials are also incredibly sturdy so you can put your laptop in the case and go without any worries about possible damage.

It should be noted that this case is quite spacious and will even fit laptops that have a hard-shell case on them. The added protection is something that you can keep on your laptop and enjoy in conjunction with the case rather than having to choose just one.

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