10 Best Laptops Under $500 of 2022

The days when laptops were a luxury are long gone. Nowadays, a laptop is a basic item needed by everybody for the purposes of getting work done, completely school assignments, or for everyday recreational use. Laptops, however, are known to be expensive.

You need not despair if your laptop broke, or if you simply want to buy a new one. Just keep reading this article. We’ll name the best laptops under $500 in the market, and you will find the right laptop for you here.

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

You can’t just randomly pick and choose a laptop. There are some tips and advice you should follow in order to purchase the best laptop under $500. Things you should consider are:

  • Operating System. This is one of the most important characteristics of computers and laptops. Think about what operating system you want, or what operating system you used so far. Don’t purchase something you won’t understand.
  • Size. The size of a laptop matters. Think about your needs and decide what size you need to purchase.
  • Keyboard and Touchpad. Make sure the best laptop under $500 you wish to purchase has effective, practical and functional keyboard, mouse buttons etc.

Top 10 Laptops Under $500 Ultimate Chart

PictureNameDescriptionWeightRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
41AS8dA%2BZ1L. SL1101. Lenovo Thinkpad X140e 20BLS00400 11.6" Student & Business Ultrabook LaptopWin 7 ultrabook laptop3.9 lbs4.6
51z7mKEoSAL. SL1102. Acer Aspire E5-571P-59QA 15.6-Inch Touchscreen LaptopWindows 8 touchscreen laptop5.5 lbs4.5
31m%2BDkPrz2L. SL1103. Dell Inspiron i3542-5000BK 15.6-Inch Touchscreen LaptopTouchscreen laptop6 lbs4.4
51KHnljKh1L. SL1104. HP 15-f111DX 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop Computer - AMD Quad-CoreWindows 8.1 laptop with touch screen display5.6 lbs4.2
41baANR7vvL. SL1105. NEW Dell i3542-6003BK Touch Screen 15.6" Intel Core i3 4GB 500GB HD Win 8.1 HDMIWin 8 laptop6 lbs4.0
71aZs04yw%2BL. SL15006. Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK)Windows 8 laptop5.9 lbs4.0
516hO1s3zDL. SL1107. ASUS Transformer Book 12-Inch T200TA-C1-BL 2-in-1 Detachable Touchscreen Laptop, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB StorageDetachable touchscreen laptop3.6 lbs3.9
41mc8vvXm0L. SL1108. Toshiba Satellite C55-B5287 Core i5-4210U 15.6-Inch Laptop (Windows 7)Windows 7 laptop 4.58 lbs3.9
41ik81VSYVL. SL1109. ASUS Flip Convertible Touchscreen 15.6-Inch Laptop, Core i3, 500GB HDD, 6GB RAMFlip convertible touch screen5 lbs3.9
10. Dell Inspiron 11.6-Inch 2 in 1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop, i3147-3750sLVConvertible touchscreen laptop3.7 lbs3.8

Buying Advice

Now that you have seen our chart of best laptops under $500, there must be a few of the mentioned ones that you are considering. In order to make your purchase successful, we will offer some more detailed guidance. If you want to purchase best laptop under $500, here are some advice you should follow:

  • Know What Specifications You Want. Some people tend to neglect specifications and find them boring. However, if you want to make your purchase successful, try to find out more about the laptop specifications, their meaning and how they impact your use. Go for the specs that can meet your needs at your current budget.
  • Choose the Type of Laptop. This choice depends on you alone. Decide whether you want to purchase a traditional laptop, a convertible touch screen laptop or a notebook.
  • Pay Attention to Battery Life. You don’t want to end up with a laptop that needs to be charged all the time, so take into consideration how long the laptop lasts on a single charge, and keep in mind that some brands are known for more durable batteries than others.
  • Budget. There is a laptop for every price range. That is why you should think about your budget and look for a laptop that fits your financial abilities.

Top 5 Best Laptops Under 500 Bucks Reviews

1. Lenovo Thinkpad X140e


This laptop was rated as the best laptop under $500 for a reason. It is light, compact and practical. This laptop is perfect for everyday needs and tasks, and it is useful for students, businessmen, and travelers.

We won’t mention too many technical specifications, but it is important to mention that the laptop’s operating system is Windows 7; it’s easy to use and has a lot of memory. You will not have to worry about upgrading the memory or whether you can keep everything you need there. You can.

Additionally, you’re able to upgrade it to a newer operating system, if you feel the need to do so. Lenovo’s laptop has a great speed and a fast performance. This means that you won’t have to be nervous and annoyed because your device is slow. This laptop is going to live up to your expectations of a perfect device.

This device also has a long battery life (up to 8 hours), so you will not have to worry about charging it all the time. Further, this laptop has a very bright, clear screen and loud speakers.

Most people are worried about battery life, multitasking, speed and keyboard. It is safe to say that Lenovo’s laptop is ranked the highest on the list of the best laptops under $500 for being good in all these areas. It is affordable, easy to use and has a great performance and a durable battery.

If you want to buy the top laptop under $500, then this should be your first choice. Lenovo’s thinkpad has everything you need.

2. Acer Aspire E5-571P-59QA


If you want to move on from traditional laptops, then you might be interested in Acer’s touchscreen laptop device.

This laptop is able to meet all your needs. Whether you want to do your homework, or finish job-related project, you can rely on your Acer Aspire. It has a great performance speed and it is able to multitask. Additionally, you’re able to watch movies, and videos in great detail due to high-quality screen that will only enhance entire experience.

This device lets you burn CDs and DVDs, which is great advantage for laptops of this size. You will be able to have all your videos and movies in one place, and you will not have to ask someone else to burn them for you.

The operating system for this model is windows 8 and it’s a user-friendly laptop. The touch screen option on this Acer laptop is extremely practical; it lets you zoom, scroll and change pages easily, and it’s easy to use while you’re on the go or preparing for a meeting and have no time to click and scroll up and down.

Acer Aspire’s battery life is great. You can take the laptop out, go to school, or job and it will work perfectly throughout the day.

This laptop has positive reviews. If you want modern yet functional laptop, purchasing this laptop would be a good idea.

3. Dell Inspiron i3542-5000BK


This is also a touch screen laptop. Its operating system is windows 8.1, and like all Dell’s laptops, it is very easy to use.

This device has various features and characteristics, and it is designed for a prime multimedia experience. You’re going to be able to watch movies and see a crystal-clear picture. Who wouldn’t love that?

In addition, this laptops enables you to edit videos, and enjoy the fast performance and multitasking made possible by this model. Dell Inspiron has the option to burn CDs and DVDs. Basically, everything you want for your school, job, or entertainment can be done on this laptop.

Battery life here is long, and it will not be problematic or impact your use negatively.

This laptop is easy to navigate as the keyboard and touch screen options are practical and comfortable. Most users love the fact that the laptop has a number pads and find the feature extremely useful.

Customer reviews are positive. Most people who have tried the laptop are impressed by its performance and functionality considering it is extremely affordable. Finally, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, practical and useful laptop that allows you to do school or works tasks, and to also watch movies and vdeos, Dell’s Inspiron laptop is a good choice.

4. HP 15-f111DX


This laptop also belongs to the group of laptops with touch screens. It is light and easy to carry around. HP’s laptop has three USB ports, which shows its practical side.

The device comes with Windows 8.1. While some people find this operating system complicated to use, don’t let it discourage you. It’s actually easier than you think. Additionally, the performance speed of this laptop is fast, and you will be able to multitask without decreasing the laptop’s speed.

Everybody hates it when their laptop freezes and refuses to continue any function. This will not be the case with this laptop, and that’s why it’s on our list of the top laptops under $500.

The keypad here is comfortable, functional and it’s nice when you have a lot to type.

The design of this laptop is very sleek and professional. The battery is pretty durable and it can handle up to several hours of constant work.

Customers who’ve bought the laptop are amazed by its performance and functionality. It’s easy to set up and use, and it has a lot of cool features. Also, people love its big screen and that its touch screen is fast and easily responsive.

If you’re looking for an affordable and modern laptop, you should definitely take this one into consideration.

5. NEW Dell i3542-6003BK


Last, but not least, we’re presenting Dell’s i3542-6003BK laptop. This device has a neat and sophisticated design.

This laptop represents the combination of traditional and modern into one device; it looks like a standard laptop, but it has the touch screen option. The laptop has Windows 8.1 operating systems. Most customers are reluctant to use devices with this operating system, but once they do, their opinion changes.

The laptop is lightweight, and you’ll find it easy to carry around to your meetings or school. Additionally, it is able to multitask perfectly and it has a great speed of performance.

This Dell is easy to use and navigate. You will love watching movies and sport events on this laptop due to its high resolution screen.

Also, if you live away from your family, you’ll like its camera and microphone. With this laptop, you will be able to chat with your friends and family, see clear pictures of them, and hear their voices perfectly.

One minor setback some users experienced with this device was related to the charger. It wouldn’t fully charge the battery.

To summarize, this laptop is extremely easy to use and navigate with a lot of features and a great screen resolution. One is able to multitask and perform everything needed for school and work on it. Considering its affordable price, this laptop is one of the best laptops under $500, and you may want to put it on your list of possible purchases.

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