6 Best Laptops for Teens 2022: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for the best laptops for teens, you need to search for laptops with unique features as far as performance and quality are concerned. Most teens tend to stay long on their laptops; therefore, long battery life is a must. Teen’s laptops need to have high quality display features and improved sound quality. Finding the finest laptops for teens is quite a challenge. However, this guide is particularly designed to help you through the search.

Top 6 Laptops for Teens Overview Chart

PictureNameScreen SizePriceRating (1-5)
Screen Size
Rating (1-5)
41zD%2B%2BFvNTL. SL1101. Samsung Chromebook 3 2GB RAM, 11.6" Chromebook (XE500C13-K05US)11.6 Inch$4.4
41Jv4y USiL. SL1102. Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron N2840 Dual-Core Processor,2 GB RAM,16 GB 11.6 Inch$$$4.4
81 an2KXw5L. SL1103. Acer Chromebook, CB3-111-C670 (Intel Celeron, 2GB, 16GB SSD, White)11.6 Inch$4.4
81iWrNn0nmL. SL15004. Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook Full HD-Screen10.1 Inch$$$$4.3
41boFaJLckL. SL1105. ASUS C100PA-DB02 10.1-inch Touch Chromebook Flip (1.8GHz, 4GB Memory, 16GB eMMC, Google Operating System)13.3 Inch $$4.3
81sADSJSyTL. SL12806. Lenovo S21e 80M4002DUS Laptop11.6 Inch$4.0

Buying Information

  • Performance. The best laptops for teens should feature the latest processor technology, powerful graphics and conveniently high RAM. Most teens usually do a great deal of activities with their laptops for prolonged durations. Then again, high performing laptop is a must.
  • Design. Teen’s laptops should be made of thin and compact design. The keyboard and touchpad should be made of state-of-the-art design.

Top 3 Best Laptops for Teens Reviews

1. Samsung Chromebook 3 2GB


Samsung Chromebook XE500C13-K05US is the finest notebook for teens. This laptop is faster, slimmer and lighter, qualifications that are very resourceful for teens. This is an ultra-portable computer that one can carry along without complaining. Powerful processor and long-lasting battery life are two elements that any teen would want his or her laptop to have.

This machine runs on 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processors. With this kind of processors along with 2 GB RAM and Celeron N3060 processor, you will definitely get topnotch performance.  Teens admire video chatting and movies; therefore, this is the best laptop to engage. This notebook provides you with brilliant high definition display for improved viewing experience. In addition to improved display, Samsung Chromebook 3 offers you outstanding playback and video delivery along with high-power speakers for improved sound quality.

The laptop comes with a fully functioning software pack, including Little Bridge, Wunderlist Pro and AirDroid Premium features. Teens like making friends, with Little Bridge you can make as many friends as you wish in virtual 3D. The AirDroid allows you to oversee all your Android devices. Unlike other laptops, Samsung Chromebook 2 comes with in-built security defenses that safeguard the machine from malware and viruses whenever connected to the internet.

2. Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ

41Jv4y USiL

Acer C720 Chromebook is a contemporary laptop that offers you amazing performance. This computer is made of a sleek and compact design that makes it light and portable. This Chromebook will slip effortlessly into your purse or bag. Weighing about 2 pounds and the 11.6 inch HD anti-glare display, the laptop is lightweight which will ensure that you can carry it anywhere you go.

With its new Intel CeleronN2840 Dual-Core Processor and 16GB you will be able to multitask, easily access content rich webpages enjoy quality HD video playback and also run various pages at the same time. With its 11.6 inch HD anti-glare display you can use the Acer C720 even outside in sunlight. Through its HD webcam and crisp resolution you will get to enjoy video chats with your family, friends and colleagues. It comes in with popular Google products such as YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and Search. It also comprises of various applications such as Google Docs that help you work anywhere you are since you can create documents, spreadsheets and many other items.

3. Acer Chromebook

81 an2KXw5L. SL1500

The Acer Chromebook CB3-111-C670 is an eye catching laptop due to its slim and stylish design. Being 11.6 inches it can easily fit in your bag or brief case which also makes it portable to carry it anywhere. You will also get to use it outdoors in sunlight since it comes in with an 11.6 inch HD antiglare display. It ensures that you can work with it all day due to its long battery life of up to 8.5 hours.

Its wireless 802.11AC connection that features the MIMO technology offers you a three times faster coverage for both distance and range. You will also get to enjoy staying connected to the web, wireless devices even when unplugged due to its Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has the capability of loading high informative webpages since it is powered by an Intel Celeron processor. You will be worry free about security and software updates since Acer Chromebook CB3-111-C670 has automatic updates.

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