Best Laptop Under 250 of 2021

Not every buyer has the budget necessary to get a high-end laptop but this doesn’t mean they have to settle for a low-quality product. In fact, with the competition in the laptop market and especially with the arrival of Chromebooks, there are now plenty of options when it comes to choosing a product below this price.

We have created a short guide to give you all of the tips that you need when navigating the options and we have included some of the best options on the market today.

Important Features

Here are some of the points that you should think about when it comes to choosing the best laptop under $250.

  • Operating Systems. Our list includes both Google Chrome and Windows 10. This really comes down to what you would like to be using the laptop for. For more Internet based use you should opt for a Chromebook, for more traditional use then you should choose Windows.
  • RAM. The amount of RAM that your laptop has will directly affect how quickly information is dealt with. The ideal amount is 4GB but for basic use 2GB of RAM will be enough.
  • Hard Drive. The larger the hard drive the more you will be able to store all in one place. This is not a necessary focus if you already have an external hard drive or if you do not have a lot of files to store.
  • Graphics and Resolution. Looking up the latest graphics card is the best way to make sure that your chosen model has the capacity that you need.

Top 7 Laptops Under $250 Comparison

Choose What to Sacrifice for the Perfect Laptop Under $250

When you are trying to decide between the more affordable options of a laptop it really depends on what you are willing to give up.

We have already looked at the different aspects that you should consider when buying a laptop but it is unrealistic to expect all of these when you are looking at a budget of under $250.

You really have to decide which kind of user you are and then you will be able to decide on which laptop to go for. Here is a short guide to various kinds of users:

  • Casual. If you are going to be using the laptop to surf the Internet then all you really need is a strong Wi-Fi connection. Focus on RAM for any further tasks that you would like to carry out.
  • Mobile. The main focus for the user that wants to be fully mobile is the weight of the laptop. Even larger screens can provide a lighter product that is still portable.
  • Work. For those that only want to use their laptop at work may need it to be mobile, if they would like to take the laptop home, but it can also be larger to be left at work. You can also sacrifice processing power and graphics if you are only focusing on basic documents.
  • Multi-Tasker. When the user is prone to using many apps or windows at one time then the larger the screen the better.
  • Hoarder. For the user that wants to have all of their movies, photos and music in one space they should focus on the largest hard drive they can find.
  • Evolver. This is the user that isn’t clear how they will use the laptop in the future, so they want to try and cover all bases. Try to get a laptop that is relatively average in all aspects but one that can have RAM and more hard drive space added at a later stage.
  • Detail-Focused. For the graphic designer or those that appreciate HD quality then you will need to opt for a laptop with high resolution and a great graphics card.

Top 3 Best Laptop Under $250 Reviews

1. Acer Chromebook

The Acer Chromebook is a great machine when you want the basics of a laptop without the high price that comes with other models. The build of this laptop is impressive considering what you can do with it.

The display is incredibly bright and the colors are vibrant. The sound is also impressive for such a small machine and the simplicity of the software that it has.

This is the best laptop under $250 because it starts up as quickly as a phone and gives you the ability to click and move around without any lag either. The snappy overall performance and the importance of the speed make this a perfect computer for everyday use.

2. Samsung Chromebook 3

If you need basics like Word, Excel and Internet access then the Samsung Chromebook 3 is all you will ever need and more. You will quickly find that this is your go-to machine for all daily tasks and processes.

You will immediately notice how quickly this system operates and how well it is built. Though this is not the best option for college students or business people that will need the laptop for more processes at one time, it is perfect for anyone else.

The compact size is something that you can definitely take advantage of too and something that makes this a great laptop to have in addition to other devices.

3. Samsung Chromebook 2

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is a decent laptop that performs just as you would expect. First, you should consider how well the processor of this machine works. It certainly has all of the power to get all of the basics done without any issues.

The screen itself is small but it does the job and makes the overall size of the machine small and portable. This is a good laptop to have when you need to work on the go a lot.

It should be noted that this model is known for how well it connects to Wi-Fi. This is something that helps with the overall speed and how easy it is to run different programs and apps.

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