Best Laptop for Animation of 2022

Looking for the best laptop for animation and graphic design? Look no further! Animation and graphic designing have become the need of the hour for all those who are keen on the studies dealing with the dynamic nature of technology. That is why the tool you select directly impacts the output of your work and in this case, the right laptop is no less than a key tool to crack your way into the world of animation.

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There are features like a high processing unit, better graphic quality, and adaptability to the high-end operations that make the best laptops for animation so exciting. This is why, instead of following the dots, we suggest you explore all the best possible options down below to make the wisest decision.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Main aspects to look for while buying the best laptop for animation:

When there are such a plethora of choices out there, it is natural to get confused and go for the incompatible product. To save the day, we have come up with certain tips and main aspects to look for if you want to go for a worthier investment.


Primarily, laptops for animation should have a medium-paced processor. Now we could have said that you might go for the strongest one, but then this is going to be burdensome on your pocket. The thing with animation and designing is, that unlike gaming, they can do pretty well with medium strength processors like the i7 Intel core one. Firstly, this i7 processor doesn’t cost a fortune and secondly, it is one of the most recommended choices by professional animators.


Secondarily, yes, the graphics, the aspect that serves as the soul of all the hard work you put into the animation projects. For impressive graphic quality, NVIDIA graphics are the central option since they are present in most of the laptops regardless of the company you decide to go with. Other than this, the AMD FirePro GPU can be a potential choice but for its versatile functioning, it has become a rare sight in the market and you’d have to hunt for it.


Thirdly, the lightweight matters a lot, as the freelance animators are always on the go. For this, animation laptops don’t weigh more than 3 to 6 pounds. Within this range, you can find the best laptop for animation without going beyond your means.

Additional Features

Lastly, let us talk about some underrated features like a backlit keyboard or an efficient heat emission system. The backlit keyboard makes it easier for the aspiring animators to work at night without relying on the room light. We can put it this way as well that most of the time, these lights spice up the appearance of your system, and who doesn’t like a chic laptop? Similarly, the better is the heat emission system, the greater would be the longevity of the product.

Best Laptop for Animation of 2021

Here the Best Laptop for Animation and Graphic Design of 2021.

10. Acer Predator Helios 300

61kuFV GkXL. AC SL1500

Acer Predator Helios 300 counts as one of the best laptops for animation. If you are into graphic designing, 3D modeling, or any sort of artistic field, this laptop can be your perfect companion. The 32GB RAM is more than enough when it comes to deal with all the heavy-duty animation software. You can work for hours without coming across any lagging on the screen for a second.

Nothing spoils the quality of your work as the system with poor configuration system. For this reason, this laptop has an i7 Intel core processor that makes it simpler to run all heavy applications of your choice. The 3.8GHz boosting speed ensures no matter how many tabs you have opened, the speed of your work remains unaffected.

One important factor for the students mastering the animation skills is the display screen itself. This laptop depicts 15.6 inches HD screen with ultra-thin bezels. These bezels add to the width of the screen so you can easily view all the nooks and corners of your design. The 1920 x 1080 resolution works with a vibrant color spectrum and guarantees to glorify each hue in the picture.

Let us tell you an additional but interesting feature, this laptop has Bluetooth 4.0. This lets you pair your phone with the system or use any wireless headpiece to increase convenience. For the people who are thinking of coming up with their animated videos on YouTube, this feature can help in enhancing the sound quality.

Since we are talking about the sound, this laptop also has dual speakers when you aren’t in the mood to go for the headpiece. These speakers produce the crispest sound, taking care of all the high-pitch notes. The ergonomic design of the keyboard lets you draw difficult patterns without going for professional help.

Key features

  • 32GB RAM
  • 6 inches screen
  • 8GHz speed
  • I7 Intel core processor


9. ASUS Zephyrus

81Nox3hzQaL. AC SL1500

ASUS Zephyrus is such an apt laptop for animation that it has almost every aspect which you would need for high-end animation. For instance, it possesses an i7 Intel core processor that carries out all the hefty operations which otherwise would have given you a hard time. This processor works with a Turbo Boost speed of 3.9GHz that sets your system apart from the rest of the others.

This comes in handy for the people who are thinking of pursuing a diploma in animation or even for graphic designing students who want to increase the precision of their work. The key travel is so ideal that you can type faster than before and the smooth navigation system of the mouse pad lets you draw with greater ease.

The 16GB RAM is useful for students who prefer multitasking. You can open as many tabs as you desire without thinking twice about any compromise on the system’s speed. The 512GB storage makes it a relevant choice for both your work and home life. You can save all your memories, pictures, videos, and heavy animated stuff without relying on the extra storage sources.

Coming to the display, it has a 15.6 inches screen that views your content with HD quality. The 1920 x 1080 resolution ensures you don’t miss out on the tiniest of the details. On a lighter note, if you want to take a break from the hectic routine, the same display provides you with the best cinema experience and complements your elite taste for the movies.

It weighs 4 pounds so you can carry it for hours and won’t feel an inch of discomfort. The concise design makes it an easy fit among the travel essentials.

Key features

  • 4-pound weight
  • 16GB RAM
  • 6 inches screen
  • I7 Intel core processor


8. MSI Leopard

811QTj0x RL. AC SL1500

Now let’s talk about those laptops that have comparatively stronger configuration setup which lets you keep your pace with the modern world. This laptop may rank as the best laptop for 3D animation for its 17.3 inches huge screen that highlights all the minor details of your animated work.

The multiple USB ports let you connect/charge numeral devices at once which shows its high connectivity. Just because it has a larger display, doesn’t mean that you would have to compromise on its size. The thin frame with precise design lets you carry it in your regular bag so you won’t have to go for an extra carrier.

One thing that animation lovers can’t stand is an unstable internet connection which hinders the downloading and streaming process. The 6 WiFi levels let you continue your work at the poorest internet quality. The 64GB RAM takes care of all the heavy-duty operations so that they don’t interfere with the performance of your system.

It is an optimum choice for the people who are always going for multitasking. The 512GB storage would be good for people who don’t want to purchase a separate laptop for their personal life. Such a commodious laptop lets you save all your weighty animated projects in one place while keeping intact its quality.

Apart from this, for your online work meetings, the 720p webcam lets you carry on with your work life in the post-pandemic world. The Lithium-ion battery has impressive longevity and goes for good years. The i7 Intel core processor adds to the adaptability of the laptop so that it can handle all the tough forms of the animation software.

Key features

  • 512GB storage
  • 720p webcam
  • 3 inches screen
  • I7 Intel core processor


7. Razer Blade 15

81inkGnge8L. AC SL1500

Razer Blade 15 can be the best laptop for animation for the ones who don’t want to go for the bulky laptops. It is lightweight as it weighs only 4.6 pounds so you can carry it for hours without straining your arms. The 16GB RAM is complementary to all the high alignment operations that animation might make you go through.

The aluminum chassis ensures the peak of reliability. This is indispensable for the travel enthusiasts who are always flying from one place to another. On top of that, it has a scratch-resistant coating so that your laptop would be able to preserve its first-days shine.

The 15.6 inches screen displays all the content in the best possible quality. To add to that, it has ultra-thin bezels as well which cast a positive impression on its width. The NVIDIA graphics promise you the exquisite graphic quality you have been looking for all this time.

Let it be an animated video, drawing, or graphic pattern, this screen with the HD display increases the accuracy of your work to multifold. The i7 Intel core processor bourgeons the performance of your system and keeps the issues like lagging to the minimum. To make it user-friendly for beginners, this laptop has pre-installed windows 10 so you can start working right away.

Furthermore, this laptop belongs to the 8th Gen to not let you miss out on modern innovations. The 256GB SSD lets you keep an eye on all your pictures, videos, and heavy animation software without depending on external storage sources. The dual speakers of the laptop cancel out the need of going for any other audio accessory.

Key features

  • 8th Gen laptop
  • 256GB Storage
  • I7 Intel core processor
  • 6 inches screen


6. ASUS Vivobook

81IoDqRAqEL. AC SL1500

Let us introduce something for the professional animators out there. ASUS Vivobook is the best animation laptop since it might have an i7 Intel core processor like the rest of the others but there’s one thing that sets it apart. It is a 4.6GHz boosting speed, thanks to the Turbo technology so that no matter how heavy is the software you are using, this laptop doesn’t compromise on the performance.

The speed graph line remains indifferent to the number of tabs you have opened. We know this might interest you if you are fond of multitasking and want to complete more projects in a shorter span.

This laptop has an unprecedented storage capacity. You have full liberty to store everything, your pictures, videos, or the hefty animation projects either in 256GB SSD memory or 1TB hard drive disk. This laptop won’t mess with the quality of your content and guarantees its preservation for good years.

The 16GB RAM speeds up all the programs that take hours to complete on regular basis. With the 17.3 inches screen, our passionate animators can focus on each detail of their project without encountering any blurriness. This crucial factor leaves a direct impact on your work’s progress.

The 1920 x 1080 resolution lets you binge-watch all your favorite seasons without causing a strain on your eyes. The Blue Shield Technology not only stops the harmful rays from reaching your eyes but also does justice to the vibrancy of each color.

The battery lasts for more than seven hours so you don’t have to go for the intermittent charging sessions. Moreover, it took less than 50 minutes to get charged up to 60% so when you are in a rush, you know that this laptop can be your reliable option.

Key features

  • 16GB RAM
  • 3 inches screen
  • 1TB hard drive disk
  • 6GHz speed


5. Microsoft Surface Book

71eV44FFrgL. AC SL1200

When tons of laptops, no matter how pricey they are, force you to abide by their limitations, then Microsoft is the name that gives your dreams a new direction. For aspiring animators, Microsoft Surface Book can be a durable purchase, to begin with. It has everything that you might need to make your animations more lifelike and runs with all sorts of animation applications let it be Blender or Animaker.

This laptop belongs to the 8th Gen as well and depicts an i7 Intel core processor to perform up to par with your requirements. Since Microsoft Book is convertible, you can use it as a laptop, tablet, or whichever mode you prefer. This adds to your comfort so you can work in a relaxed position instead of consistently sitting for long hours.

The touchscreen has a smooth navigation system so you are no more risking the quality of your work when you switch from a regular to a touch keyboard. The several USB ports let you operate multiple devices at one moment and hence increase your work rate. This one is the fastest surface book by Microsoft since it is 4 times more powerful than its predecessors. It does have Bluetooth so you can also pair it up with your phone or other Bluetooth accessories like air phones or headpieces.

The vibrant pixel sense display lets you explore all the corners of your content. The 16GB RAM boosts your system’s speed and performance while the 256GB storage serves as a safe harbor to all your important files. The NVIDIA graphics are no less than a godsend for animators and gamers alike. The 17-hour battery life liberates you from the exasperating quest of searching for the plug and you can have more improved focus on your work.

Key features

  • 17-hour battery
  • NVIDIA graphics
  • 8th Gen laptop
  • Convertible


4. Apple MacBook Pro

61F99gFWolL. AC SL1024

Apple MacBook Pro is undoubtedly the best laptop for 3D animation, the reason being its advanced features that open new doors of opportunities for you. Primarily, let us start with the i7 Intel core processor that helps in keeping a check on the lagging issues. The system has a 2.9GHz speed which you can raise to 3.9GHz by enabling the Turbo technology.

This goes especially for the people whose job demands multitasking, so instead of waiting for hours for one task, you can tackle multiple within the same span. The company has been generous with the USB ports so we assure you that connectivity won’t be even the last reason to worry about.

MacBook needs no introduction when it comes to RAM. This is why regardless of the technologically advanced jobs, MacBooks are an apt choice for designers, students, and office goers alike. The 16GB RAM backs up your system’s performance and serves as staunch support. Coming to the storage, the 512GB memory keeps an account of all your projects, data, and work documents. Moreover, you may also use them for your personal life, the concise body and precise design make them highly portable.

The 15.4 inches HD screen brings out the true colors of your animation and makes them appear more realistic than ever. Instead of going with the conventional 1920 x 1080 resolution, this one works with 2880 x 1800 pixels so graphic quality is safe from all sorts of compromises.

It weighs only 6 pounds so it can accompany you everywhere. It also works with Thunderbolt 3 so this adds to its versatility. The high privacy configuration protects your data from the bots or third-party apps.

Key features

  • 2880 x 1800 resolution
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • 9GHz speed
  • 16GB RAM


3. HP Zbook

81 3tJY9UL. AC SL1500

HP has always been one of the pioneers of the best laptops for animation. Likewise, the HP Zbook has all the potential cardinal aspects that you might find in a high-end animation desktop. For this reason, professional animators opt for this one. Particularly when they are always on call and have to work on their projects during the long flights. It’s just like carrying your workspace with you, irrespective of wherever you are heading for.

It has an i7 Intel core processor that forms the epicenter of all the heavy-duty configurations. This is its secret of being so welcoming to the hefty animation software like Powtoon and Stykz. You can install and run all your favorite applications without worrying about the freezing of the screen.

It works with 2.7GHz speed which would suffice for all your personal and work tasks. The 16GB RAM serves as the cherry on the top to bourgeon the performance and to directly impact the quality of your work rate. This is one aspect that also handles all your problems related to multitasking. Being an animator means you can’t miss out on the storage feature.

As it is going to be the shelter for all your hard work. You need not fear running out of storage anymore, thanks to the 512GB memory. If we discuss the graphic section, it has the AMD FirePro GPU with a VRAM of 2GB. This is nothing less than a blessing for all the aspiring graphic designers and animation enthusiasts.

It weighs only 4 pounds so you can carry it for hours without being too hard on your arms. The scratch-resistant layer ensures that the product’s first-day shine lasts for a longer time and predicts impressive longevity.

Key features

  • AMD FirePro GPU
  • 512GB memory
  • I7 Intel core processor
  • 4-pound weight


2. Gigabyte Aero

81siTtZm9QL. AC SL1500

Gigabyte Aero can be an ideal laptop for animation for beginners who don’t know where to start with. This laptop comes with a pre-installed windows 10. So instead of indulging in technical matters, learners can just start working right away. Although it’s a gaming laptop, you can use it for all the animation and designing work. It has NVIDIA GeForce graphics that would serve the best for both purposes.

The ergonomic keyboard sits beautifully under your fingertips and the mouse pad has the smoothest navigation system. These factors count a lot when we talk about increasing your convenience and your work progress.

It has a 2.1 GHz speed but with the Turbo Boost technology, you can raise it to as much as 4.1GHz. This means all that live streaming or working through the heavy software isn’t a big deal anymore. The dual fans provide good ventilation and don’t let the heat get trapped and mess with your system’s functioning.

It casts a positive impression on the longevity of the product and it goes for good years. Just because it’s pocket friendly, it doesn’t mean that you would have to lose any important animation feature. Like all the expensive laptops, this one too has 16GB RAM that keeps its performance steady and copes with all the glitches.

The 512GB storage eliminates all the other external storage options. Let it be your personal or work data, you may not find a better alternative than this commodious laptop. This laptop has a 15.6 inches screen that carries a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Therefore, for both animation and entertainment purposes, this laptop can be an absolute answer. As it weighs only 4 pounds so, for the people who are always flying, you can put your trust in this one.

Key features

  • 1GHz speed
  • 512GB storage
  • 6 inches screen
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution


1. Dell Inspiron

714dViwDLTL. AC SL1500

It might come last on the list, but Dell certainly lies among our most favorite choices. The 15.6 inches screen lets the designing students explore all the nooks and corners of the complicated patterns. It is a touchscreen laptop. For those who find the regular keyboard rather monotonous, you can use this feature to perk up your experience.

It has an i7 Intel quad-core processor allowing you to add all those deep details into your animation without encountering any lagging or freezing problems. When you’ve finished, you can save your task on the 1TB hard drive disk. This is so spacious, that it would suffice for your both work and home life. Dell always adds tiny innovations to its laptops to make them stand out. This time they have added a backlight in the keyboard. This lets you work late at night without turning on the room light.

Moreover, these lights keep changing. So when you are creating fun animations, so they might come in handy to improve your work mood. The numerous USB ports let you connect/charge multiple devices at once which indicates its high connectivity. The Bluetooth lets you connect the system with your phone.

This lets you operate all the animation software even from a good distance. The 8GB RAM promotes a user-friendly configuration setup. So, students who are layman to this discussion, they can find a reliable companion in this laptop.

Key features

  • 8GB RAM
  • I7 Intel quad-core processor
  • 6 inches screen
  • 1TB hard drive


How to choose the Best Laptop for Animation?

If you’re shopping around for a laptop and are unsure of what exactly you should be keeping an eye out for then keep reading. Because we will tell you all the important things that you should consider before purchasing a laptop.


One of the first things that you should be looking at when you’re considering a laptop is what processor is it powered by. The processor is important because they basically determine how well your laptop is going to perform in the long-run. Some processor takes a very long time in doing the most basic tasks and causes things like lagging.

Some are simply not compatible with some of the software you try to download like some games, editing applications, etc. Whereas some processor performs tasks within seconds, allow you to multitask without fear of it lagging and is compatible with a lot of different software.


If you’re someone whose job requires them to be on their laptop for hours and hours. Then we would suggest getting a laptop with a long battery life. By long we mean, a minimum of six to eight hours. Some laptops offer as much as 18 hours of battery life. But that totally depends on how much you’re looking to invest in a laptop.

Even if a laptop has about 4 to 5 battery life, that’s still a better deal than those laptops whose battery dies every one hour or thirty minutes. That would be a waste of time and money both.


Another thing, you should keep in mind before purchasing a laptop is your budget. The laptop you’re looking for ideally shouldn’t exceed your budget. There are plenty of great laptops all in different colors and different features. Go through them and compare each one.

Then finally choose the one you like the most and is also suitable for you. Both appearance and performance-wise, the laptop should meet your needs and preference foremost. How good your laptop looks and how many features does it have all depends on how much you want to spend on it.

Memory and Storage Space

Memory and storage is a really important thing to consider. This will determine how many applications you can run and how much information you can store on your laptop. The more memory and storage you have, the more applications and other software you’ll be able to get your hands on.

This is especially true for gamers, they can enjoy as many games on their laptop as possible if they have a laptop that is compatible with that much a memory and storage. RAM is basically the place your computer goes to for information, like a directory. After accessing the information, it can do its job. This helps you do this like multi-tasking.

Screen type and Quality

First up is the screen type. By screen type we mean, do you prefer a touch screen? Or do you prefer a keyboard? There are all sorts of laptops available, some are touch screen while others operate with the help of a keyboard. The only thing you should be careful of is if the surface of the touch screen is easy to use.

Another thing that makes a huge difference in the quality of the screen. And this means everything has to be high. The resolution, pixels, and everything else that helps us get brighter colors and clear images.

Conclusion – Best Laptop for Animation

Let us summarize all this discussion with a final note that these laptops do deserve every bit of this hype. They may cost little but this one step would take you through all the difficult stages of animation and graphic designing. Hence for the people who want to become a pro at animation, ASUS and MSI can be an optimum choice.

Likewise, for those who are rather tight on budget, you might go for ACER or Dell. Both give you all the mandatory features without costing you an arm and a leg. In the long run, it’s your job requirements and your personal preferences that play the principal role in making this choice.


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