Best 18 Inch Laptop of 2023

Looking for the the best 18 inch laptop available? To start, please note 18-inch is huge for a laptop screen and 17 inch laptops have become the standard for large laptops. That being said, a few laptops with these large screen sizes still exist. To make it easy for you, we’ve bundled the largest laptops available for consumers in this buying guide. For gamers who don’t want a desktop, or graphic designers and architects there are some good options out there.

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Detailed reviews can be found below, but to make it easy for you let’s first consider our top 10 picks of 18 inch laptops.

There’s more to it, but first, let us first address the main aspects to consider.

Key features to consider for an 18-inch laptop


The first thing we would highly suggest is to not focus solely on the screen. Yes, we do know that seeing a laptop with a giant display can be very tempting, but other aspects deserve equal attention. The key to making the right decision is to decide why you opted for this laptop in the first place? If you are a gamer or graphic designer, you might want to go for the high-end processors and/or fast graphic cards, while people who just want to browse and watch movies don’t need to go for a premium processor.


Secondly the battery. This is also a bit the elephant in the room because 18 inch laptops generally have a bad relationship with battery span. This is also justifiable as it the battery needs to power a large screen, but it is something to watch out for. However, there are exceptions like LG laptop that would go for 17 hours straight.

Now with some of the basics in place, let us share with you some of our favorite choices:

Best 18-inch laptops

61vM2IMLFUL. AC SL1024

Let us start by presenting the MSI GT83 Titan, an 18.4inch beast of a laptop that comes at par with all gamers’ expectations. It has an i7 core processor that keeps the speed and performance of the system in check. The 18.4 inches screen displays each detail of the design to increase your gaming experience. It weighs around 17 pounds so it is really a portable gaming machine.

Key features

  • 4 inches screen
  • 5 USB ports
  • 17 pounds weight
  • Aluminum back


2) ASUS TUF Laptop

81SLGH0xFKL. AC SL1500

If you are a gamer, let us introduce you to a 17 inch laptop that will satisfy many of your needs as well. It has a huge display that bourgeons the graphic quality of your game. It has AMD Radeon graphics that are the coolest one available for both high-end gaming and cinematic experience. One feature that makes it an apt choice among the largest laptops is its thin body. It measures up to 1.02 inches that depict its portability and thin body.

Key features

  • 3 inches display
  • 1920 x 1080 display
  • 2M cache
  • Best for gaming


3) HP 2020 Flagship Laptop

61b7mU3bKbL. AC SL1000

Although not strictly 18 inch, this HP with 17.3 inches display is still a large screen laptop. In addition to the screen also the sound is great. The DTS Studio Sound delivers some of the best sound quality available in this laptop category.

Key features

  • 8th Gen Intel core processor
  • 256GB hard drive
  • 1600 x 900 resolution
  • High bandwidth RAM


4) ACER predator Helios Laptop

61qmnejLWnL. AC SL1000

The Acer Predator Helios laptop deserves to be among the best big laptops because it has those features to offer that others lack. For instance, it has a 9th Gen Intel Core processor that works superbly. This one depicts 4.5 GHz speed to let you not miss out on heavy-duty gaming sessions.  The one downside that is worth mentioning is that it has a shorter working span. You might have to charge it repeatedly because the battery runs out quickly. However, the fast charging time does compensate for it to some extent.

Key features

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 300nit brightness
  • 5GHz speed
  • 3 inches display


5) DELL Alienware laptop

71RLcTxHCyL. AC SL1500

Although this model is discontinued by the manufacturer, it is a good choice and some vendors still have it in stock. Let us start with the 18.4 inch HD display that outclasses all the other options. It weighs around 12 pounds that is an ideal weight when it comes to carrying your laptop for long hours. The excellent backlit keyboard makes it easy to use it in dark.

Key features

  • 1000 GB rpm hard drive
  • 4 USB ports
  • 12 pounds weight
  • 4inch laptop


6) LG Gram Laptop

81rV2OM9euL. AC SL1500

The LG Gram laptop combines a nice 17 inch screen with the latest 10th Gen Intel core processor so it is perfect for those who need the speed, for example in 3D design or architecture. The 80WH battery charges quickly and goes on for straight 17 hours.

Key features

  • 3 USB ports
  • 17-inch display
  • 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • Long battery span


7) ASUS ProArt Studio book

719QJYoWbrL. AC SL1422

Although it ‘only’ has a 17-inch display, the plethora of modern innovations makes this Asus ProArt a deal you can’t afford to miss out on. This laptop that is great for designers, illustrators and cinema lovers boosts a fantastic vivid 16:10 ratio display panel.

Key features

  • 512MB memory
  • 12M cache
  • 5GHz speed
  • 17-inch display


Conclusion – Best 18 Inch Laptop of 2021

This brings us to the end of our discussion. Finding an 18 or 18.4-inch laptop can be hard because there are hardly any choices available in this size. However, widescreen 17 inch laptops are a great alternative. If you are are OK with a slightly smaller but still large screen, the ASUS StudioBook would be an excellent choice overall. For the people who strictly look for an 18 inch+ screen size, the DELL Alienware would be the option to go for.

Any options we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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