6 Best 15.6” Laptops 2022

When deciding what kind of laptop you should buy it is very common to choose by how big the screen is. While this is a good starting point there are several other features that you should consider before you make the final choice.

We have created this guide to give some insider tips to choosing the right laptop and also to offer some of the best products available in one comprehensive list.

Aspects to Think About

The main thing that you should think about before you go any further on your search for the best 15.6” laptop is if you really need that size or not. This is one of the largest types of laptop available and is certainly not the right choice for every buyer.

Here is our short guide to whether you should be looking at a 15.6” screen or not:

The Pros of a 15.6” Screen

  • A better viewing experience,
  • The ability to work on several windows/apps at one time,
  • A larger keyboard than smaller screened laptops,
  • Usually a great resolution, which we have included in our table of products,
  • A sturdier build.

The Cons of a 15.6” Screen

  • Not very mobile and the size usually means you will be reluctant to leave home with this laptop,
  • May have lower battery life, due to the extra needed power,
  • Can be deceptively expensive, basically you are paying for the higher resolution but not much else.

Top Six 15.6″ Laptops Table

Buying a 15.6” Laptop

For all of the buyers that search for the best 15.6” laptop, it is clear that the size and screen quality is the most important aspect. While this is certainly something to consider it shouldn’t be the main focus. Many buyers completely forget about the specifications of the laptop and this is where the entire using experience will be determined.

Here are some of the features of the laptop that you should focus on:

  • RAM. This directly affects how much information can be dealt with at one time and therefore is very important for a laptop. The ideal amount for medium to heavy use is 4GB. For most users when it comes to light everyday tasks, 2GB will be enough.
  • Hard Drive. Deciding on the size of the hard drive is really affected by your personal preference. If you are planning to store a lot on your laptop then you should opt for the largest hard drive you can afford. If you already have a portable hard drive or you store most of your items in the cloud then you do not have to focus as much on this feature.
  • Graphics Card. For all those that will be using their laptop for gaming or computer assisted design, this should be the main focus. Graphic cards come in a complex range but most laptops will clearly state the one installed and this can be easily researched for its quality.

Top 3 Best 15.6″ Laptop Reviews

1. HP – 15.6


If you want a bigger screen without a massively huge price difference then the HP AMD A6-Series is a great option. This laptop has a 500GB hard drive, the 4GB memory and the large screen for playing games or movies.

What makes this the best 15.6” laptop is that it is large, less expensive and it is fast too. This is necessary for PC gaming of all kinds and something that this laptop definitely delivers on.

It should also be noted that this is a good option for anyone that is telecommuting and needs to have a bigger, clearer screen for communicating.

2. Dell 15.6-Inch


The Dell Gaming Laptop has been built and designed to be fast and easy for all PC gamers to use. The build quality is good and the overall technology quality is really high too.

When you use this machine, you will really feel the difference in the way that you use it for gaming or for everyday purposes. It starts up in seconds and will start your programs just as quickly.

The speed of this machine along with the strong wireless signal that it has at all times means that you can also use this laptop anywhere in your home without losing connection.

3. Dell Inspiron


The Dell Inspiron I5 i5558-5718SLV is a great all around laptop with the larger screen for comfort. This laptop is relatively lightweight considering its size, which makes it easy to bring with you all day long.

The startup is quick and the operation is smooth with responsiveness from the keyboard that is just right. It should be noted that all of the apps are easy to install and the entire system is easy to navigate.

Having this laptop just makes surfing the Internet, typing, gaming and really everything much more enjoyable.

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