Best 14-Inch Laptop 2022

If you are in the market in search of the best 14-inch laptop, then you need to know how to select the most outstanding model. A 14-inch laptop is a well-sized portable computer. The model you go for should be compact as well as versatile enough to support most of your demanding applications. 14-inch laptops normally weigh between three and a half to four and a half pounds. They also fit easily and comfortably on your lap. It is not easy to find a 14-inch laptop with the most appealing features. However, this guide is particularly designed to help you through the buying process.

Top Ten 14-Inch Laptop Ultimate Table

PictureNameProcessorPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
81aoaNiUDPL. SL15001. Razer Blade QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 256GBCore i7 4720hq 2.6 GHz$$$$$4.4
4187hSBPBIL. SL1102. HP Chromebook 14 Inch LaptopNVIDIA’S Tegra K1$4.1
4184bNz7mBL. SL1103. HP Chromebook 14 Google Chromebook Laptop1.40 GHz Intel Celeron$4.1
41GUPcFnzrL. SL1104. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20A7002JUS 14-Inch Laptop1.9 GHz Core i5-4288U$$4.1
216ZjGWVzoL. SL1105. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20BS0032US 14-Inch Laptop2.3 GHz A-Series Quad-Core A10-4655M$$$4.1
6. Lenovo ThinkPad E455 (20DE001PUS) notebook: A6-7000, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit preinstalled2.20 GHz AMD A Series$3.8
41gcP6yrlOL. SL1107. Razer Blade QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 256GB2.2 GHz Core i7-4702HQ$$$$3.7
71a40UU8wtL. SL15008. Dell Inspiron 14 3000 14 Inch Laptop2.16 GHz Celeron N2840$3.5
31fF57QVJyL. SL1109. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 20A70037US Touch 14-Inch Touchscreen Ultrabook3.3 GHz Intel Core i7 $$$3.3
41FdB8bqqOL. SL11010. Acer Aspire E5-471-52TW 14-Inch Laptop (Piano Black)1.7 GHz Intel Core i5$3.1

Buying Information

  • Performance. This should be the first item that you take into consideration. The performance of a 14-inch laptop is defined by the following: processor, graphics and storage. The best model is one that has contemporary processor that allows you to experience a high number of virtual cores for exceptional performance. In addition, the laptop should have improved power management, advanced graphics technology and faster storage.
  • Display. Go for a laptop with a convenient screen resolution that offers you jaw-dropping color intensity, hyper-realistic sharpness and clarity. The viewing angle should be wide enough to provide you with blur free viewing experience and smooth video.
  • Design. What will effectively define the appearance of the best 14-inch laptop you buy is its general design. Therefore, go for a sleek design with the following particulars: high performing keyboard and localized heating technology.

Three Best 14-Inch Laptop Reviews

1. Razer Blade QHD+

81aoaNiUDPL. SL1500

Razer Blade RZ09-01302E21-R3U1features a unique black and green design that is not only attractive, but convenient to handle. Of all the gaming 14-inch laptops, this one has the most commanding blade, because it has extra control per cubic inch. Its distinctive graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M and the contemporary quad-core Intel Core i7 makes it the most powerful, lightest and thinnest 14-inch laptop in the market. There is nothing better than to buy a laptop that is preloaded with Windows 10.

This means that you can start operating the laptop from the desktop, which you are always familiar with. If you are looking for a PC that has the most outstanding combination of Windows preloaded in it, then Razer Blade RZ09-01302E21-R3U is the laptop you should be l is the laptop you should be looking for. This laptop offers you state-of-the-art display, featuring 3200 by 1800 QHD+ display, IGZO technology and wide viewing angle.

The display offers you outstanding color intensity, hyper-realistic sharpness and spectacular clarity. The IGZO technology offers you unrivaled image and color quality, providing you with immersive gameplay. The design is just what anyone who is much into over-the-top computers would admire, which is defined by the gaming grade keyboard and touch-point thermal production. This unique computer feels great, looks great and it can power a punch.

2. HP Chromebook


The first thing you will notice about HP Chromebook J9M93UA#ABA is that it is made of a sleek and light weight design. This unique laptop will give you a break from the usual Windows operating system, because it runs on Chrome operating system. Chrome OS is not only fast, but also simple and secure when connecting to the internet. With this laptop, you will get the best performance and display.

The main features that make it inimitable are: versatile media port connections with HDMI, roam tethered free, Google Drive storage of up to GB, long-lasting battery providing ongoing performance, state-of-the-art keyboard, and sleek-colorful-HD screen. You will be impressed with the boot up speed. HP Chromebook J9M93UA#ABA is unlike any other 14-inch laptop you have ever come across. You should settle for this Chromebook if you are after a laptop that offers you tranquility and satisfaction as far as performance is concerned.

3. HP Google Chromebook


Quite the engineering feat, the HP Chromebook Celeron manages to pack a high quality and sharp display into a 14-inch framework, making it one the handiest and compact laptop computers to have ever been created. This 3.4 pounds laptop delivers high performance, thanks to its 1.40 GHz Intel Celeron processor, Intel HD graphics coprocessor and screen resolution of 1366 x 768. The inbuilt Chromebook security provides you with several layers of virus protection.

This means you can browse the internet anywhere at any time without worrying about online threats. This is just the laptop you need when you need clear audio. The digitally-tuned audio speakers provide you with audio ready performance. The computer is installed with HP TrueVision HD webcam that does not only capture details with vivacious clarity, but also allows you to relish uncompromising conversations. Furthermore, the laptop comes with high performing apps that run at topmost speed.

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