Asus vs HP 2021: Which Brand Makes the Best Laptops?

You’ve probably heard about such tech brands as Asus and HP, especially given the fact that you’re currently looking for a new laptop, right?

Asus vs HP, which are the world’s two most recognizable tech brands, take completely different approaches in producing laptops.

And although one of the two brands in question today clearly wins in all the categories, its contender must also be reviewed in order for you to get familiar with the laptops market this year.

We’ve provided the list of best Asus and HP laptops below for you to choose your new laptop.

Things to Consider Between Asus and HP

  • Price. Both Asus vs HP offer affordable laptops in the range of $200-300, but the only major difference is that Asus’ cheapest laptops are far more advanced and powerful than HP’s budget laptops.

So it basically comes down to the choice: whether to buy the cheapest HP laptop for $200 and have to put up with terrible performance or add 50 more bucks and enjoy a more-or-less good performance.

  • Design. HP offers a wide variety of cool-looking laptops of all designs but their colors are rather boring. Asus, meanwhile, makes each and every of its laptop unique and fresh-looking. Asus uses premium materials for its laptops but still keeps the prices sensible.
  • Build. Even HP’s most expensive laptop cannot really compare to Asus’ mid-range laptop in terms of performance and the quality of hardware. Asus is one of the most respected hardware producers on the laptops market today.

Top HP vs Asus Laptops Comparison Chart

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Best Asus vs HP Reviews

1. ASUS Chromebook

Asus clearly wins our today’s Asus vs HP battle with its C200MA Chromebook. The 11.6-inch laptop is superlight and superthin.

The 2.5-pound and 0.8-inch thin laptop comes with a sleek design and offers 10 hours of battery life. Taking a laptop with you on the road has never been easier than with this portable laptop.

Although Asus C200MA Chromebook is equipped with the display of only 11.6 inches, it’s of better quality than most 15.6-inch laptops available on the laptops market today.

Asus C200MA Chromebook, which comes with a premium-like black matte finish, features a built-in HD camera that can easily capture your Skype conversations even in low-light conditions.

The C200MA Chromebook by Asus is truly remarkable because it has such an attractive price tag.

The C200MA Chromebook is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget laptop that would, at the same time, provide superb and effortless working experience.

This Asus laptop can also be complimented for its high-quality stereo speakers, which give maximum pleasure while listening to music or watching films.

2. ASUS G751JL

Asus G751JL is a serious gaming laptop that has an attractive price tag compared to other gaming laptops available today.

The laptop, which boasts a large 17-inch screen and the super-powerful Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor, comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphic card, which provides superior gaming experience.

If you’re looking for a laptop that would satisfy all of your needs in terms of gaming, multi-tasking, handling heavy-duty design programs, and at the same time with a good price tag you won’t find anything better than Asus G751JL.

This laptop, which is equipped with 17.3″ IPS FHD matte display, can handle pretty much any demanding activity at the laptop. But the question you need to ask yourself is: do you really need a laptop that powerful?


Asus’ ROG GL752VW laptop rounds up our chart of best laptops produced by Asus and HP today.

Equipped with the 6th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, the laptop comes with the GameFirst III technology, which prioritizes the flow of the game data across your network.

The ROG GL752VW by Asus, with its remarkably fast hardware, is powered by NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card and a premium build quality as well as sleek design.

The laptop also comes with 16GB of ultra-fast DDR4 RAM, which guarantees superb gaming experience and premium multi-tasking abilities.

Asus can also be complimented for making the ROG GL752VW easily upgradeable. You can effortlessly replace the memory or storage, while not losing the laptop’s powerful performance.

However, some customers have noted that Asus ROG GL752VW has a battery life of only 3-5 hours, depending on use.

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