6 Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel 2022

There are plenty of options out there to keep your laptop safe including a sleeve, carrying case and snap-on cover, but the versatility of the backpack is something to seriously consider when you need a case for travel.

The best laptop backpack for travel is the one that will keep your laptop safe and secure while also allowing you to carry other necessary items too.

Things to Think About

Whether your laptop backpack will be used solely for travel, will be multi-purpose for a student on a budget or just one option out of many cases, you need to ensure it has all of the appropriate features. Here are some of the laptop pocket features specifically to consider:

  • Size. The laptop pocket should accommodate for your exact size of your laptop. Some pockets are adjustable, which is good if you have different laptops or plan on upgrading soon.
  • Padding. Of course you want your laptop to be protected as you drag our backpack around airports and your destination, but you do not want the laptop pocket to take up too much space in the actual backpack. Having more padding doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the best laptop backpack for travel.
  • Material. The outer layers of the backpack should be protective and waterproof while the inside lining of the laptop pocket should be made with a soft material that buffers the outside of the laptop. This will keep the laptop safe from outside threats as well as from scratches inside the bag.

Top 6 Laptop Backpacks for Travel Chart

PictureNameLaptop SizePriceRating (1-5)
Laptop Size
Rating (1-5)
418DccFFhJL.SP110 1. Polaris Laptop Backpack with Hidden Laptop Compartment Up to 15”$$$4.8
61tuNoYdyVL.SP110 2. KAKA Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops Up to 17”$4.8
51jdGZF7kYL. SP110 3. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack Up to 17”$$$$4.6
4. Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack Up to 16”$$4.5
91koVqsBMuL.SP110 5. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up to 17”$4.3
816Gn8h66qL.SP110 6. Laptop Backpack ,BRINCH(TM) Multifunctional Up to 17”$$3.9

The Importance of Getting a Laptop Backpack for Travel

Of course, the specific features that will protect your laptop are important but the backpack itself should also be useful. This means that it should be indistinguishable from regular backpacks and should be comfortable to wear.

Comfort is something that should be considered whenever buying a backpack. The straps should be padded and include adjustable length options for different size wearers. There should also be a significant amount of padding on the back support as this is most often where the laptop is kept.

The space within the bag, as well as the ability to stay organized, will make a huge difference too. You should be able to use the space for all of your necessary travel items as well as the laptop’s accessories. If you pack light then you will not want to carry around a saggy, empty bag and if you like to bring more along on your trips then you would not be happy with anything less than a spacious backpack.

The various pockets throughout the bag can also make a difference in how you travel. The best laptop backpack for travel is the one that gives you access to your essentials when you need them.

Some bags have specific holes for headphones so you can keep your phone in your bag while others offer fewer outer pockets so there is no chance that anyone will get access to your belongings without you knowing about it.

Top 3 Best Laptop Backpack for Travel Reviews

1. Polaris Laptop Backpack


The Polaris Laptop Backpack is something that you need in your life if you want to travel in the most organized and protected way possible. The first thing you should not is that the laptop compartment is incredibly easy to get to without making your valuables vulnerable.

There is a lot of space to consider so this is a backpack best used for those with a larger laptop. Not only are the compartments cushioned but there are many different ones to keep you ready for everything.

This backpack is also incredibly easy to carry as it is comfortable resting on your back and is always well balanced on your shoulders so there will never be any pain.

2. KAKA Backpack


The best laptop backpack for travel is the KAKA Backpack when you consider the comfort, space and cushioning that you get in one perfect combination. The zippers are smooth and the backpack is designed to keep everything so you can access it easily.

The laptop compartment will keep your valuables protected as you sling the backpack over your back, push it into overhead compartments on airplanes and bring it with you everywhere.

The quality is something that should also be noted too. This backpack will hold up to years of wear and tear while giving you enough room to bring as much or little as you want on a trip.

3. SwissGear Travel


The sleek look of the SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack is the first thing that you will notice, followed by the impressive design for all of your devices. There is room specifically for your laptop and your tablet in easy to access pockets that are perfect for taking them out during airport security checks.

This is also an incredibly comfortable bag that gives you the flexibility that you need to meet a variety of travel needs. The build of this backpack is also something that you will benefit from, as you will be able to keep and use this laptop for a long time.

This is also a feature that will keep the backpack looking better, for longer. It will not get that deflated and worn look when you use it for many different trips.

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